Trouble-free transport

Ritmeester Interfreight is your specialist for transport to any seaport in North-western Europe, from Esbjerg Zeebrugge to. From its head office in Rotterdam, the transport company operates daily scheduled services to Antwerp and all the north-German ports, also for conditioned goods and hazardous substances. Thanks to its unique range of services, Ritmeester has built up a unique position in the provisioning of ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms.

No more worrying
Ritmeester understands that you want your goods to arrive at their destination on time and in good condition; we also realise that transport is not one of your core activities. We can therefore take full responsibility for your transport from the moment you commission us to do so. We plan deliveries, monitor the process, handle the flow of documents and keep you constantly up to speed. With Ritmeester, you need have no further worries about your transport.

Worry-free transport also means total clarity and oversight of performances delivered and costs incurred. Ritmeester calculates costs beforehand and, if required, will enter into a service agreement so that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. In addition, our advanced ICT system provides up-to-date information about the relevant details of all consignments, so that you can retain full control of all logistic costs and performances.

People make the difference
At Ritmeester, our staff are the key to our success. It is our planners who coordinate your shipments and who maintain contact with recipients, shipping agents and customs officials. And they are also the ones who closely monitor all transports and take timely action whenever required. It is our drivers who handle your cargo with the utmost care, know their way around any quay in North-western Europe and who make sure your goods are aboard on time.

Ritmeester knows that developing the skills and competence of its employees will ensure that they always contribute their best to operations, so training and professional development remain a high priority. In addition, Ritmeester continues to invest in the advanced vehicles and ICT systems that enable our staff to focus on their main tasks. The result: a team of motivated and flexible planners and drivers with a pro-active attitude. They make the difference – both for you and for us.

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