Marine Provisioning

Strong in supplying vessels
and offshore platforms

Full control over your shipments

Of course, Ritmeester can move your goods to any quay or industrial area in North-western Europe, but our particular strength lies in the provisioning of ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms.

Whether or not dry, cooled or frozen foodstuffs are concerned, or MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operating) supplies such as lubricants, marine paints and components, we will deliver your goods on board and ensure correct handling of the document flow – including all customs formalities, of course. We can take full responsibility for your shipments from the moment you commission us to do so.


The maritime industry becomes more dynamic day by day. The lay times of ocean-going vessels are becoming ever shorter and more unpredictable, which has turned provisioning into a major challenge. Ritmeester is aware of this challenge, and does everything in its power to ensure that vessels will sail with your goods on board.

We are in constant contact with shipping agents about arrival and departure times and we adjust our trip and delivery schedules accordingly. Is a vessel mooring later than planned? No problem. We can hold your goods at our support point in the port in question and deliver as soon as is feasible.

Safe and

The provisioning of oceangoing vessels is a trade in its own right. Our experienced drivers know their way around all the quays of all the seaports in North-western Europe, and will ensure safe and uninterrupted deliveries. Our vehicles incorporate the loading and unloading equipment required to deliver your goods – be it foodstuffs, hazardous substances or bulky and heavy components – on board.

Transparent and competitive rates

Quality and timeliness are key to our service provision, but we also strive to combine this with competitive rates. Our cost structure is completely clear and transparent, and if you prefer, we can draw up a service agreement beforehand so that all your costs are pre-determined.

In addition, we have a state-of-the-art ICT system which will provide you with an up-to-date online overview of all the services we are providing for you, including all costs and performances. Would you like to know what your monthly transport costs are? Would you like to know when a particular shipment was delivered? We can offer you the clarity and transparency you seek.

To any seaport in North-western Europe

Ritmeester is your specialist for transport to any seaport in North-western Europe, from Esbjerg to Zeebrugge. Ritmeester maintains scheduled services between Antwerp, Rotterdam and all the north-German ports; we can also handle the transport of your conditioned goods and hazardous substances.

Our services for provisioning ocean-going vessels and offshore platforms are particularly unique, whether it be for the supply of components, marine paints, lubricants or provisions. We monitor the arrival and departure times of ocean-going vessels, take care of customs formalities and even go aboard vessels to ensure that no ship leaves the port without your goods.




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