Seaport Hub

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How does it work?

In the new Ritmeester Seaport Hub at the Waalhaven in Rotterdam, there's plenty of room for your stock of lubricants, ship paint and other goods. Are you receiving an order? Then all you have to do is send it on to Ritmeester. The goods you’ve ordered will be delivered at the right time, to the right ship.

After monitoring the arrival and departure times of the ship in question, the ordered goods are collected together. Naturally, all the necessary documentation will be taken care of. As soon as it's clear when the ship will dock, the 'last (nautical) mile' to the ship is arranged. Via road or via water.

The benefits


Flexibility in the last mile; by road or water


No more worries about delays and waiting times


Shorter response times with stock available at the port

Low costs

Lower costs due to bundling of goods

Sufficient storage space

A modern 4,000 m² logistics centre stands on a 9,000 m² site. Almost half of it is set up as a cross-dock area. This is where the goods from suppliers are received every day and combined into deliveries for ocean-going vessels.

The other half is reserved as storage space. A special compartment of no less than 1,350 m² is designated for the storage of dangerous goods. There is room for goods from almost every ADR hazard class, such as ship paint and other chemicals. Facilities such as a CO2 fire extinguishing system ensure that the storage meets the very latest safety requirements.

Own quay with crane

Ritmeester has its own fleet of trucks which can deliver goods directly to the quay. However, due to safety concerns, Rotterdam is increasingly opting for deliveries by water.

Ritmeester has responded to this trend by building its own 20 x 20 metre quay and quayside crane. This is used to load the goods onto the barges that take care of the 'last mile' to the ship via the water. Fast and efficient, without delays.




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